Commendation or Complaint Notice

How to Commend Exceptional Performance

Actions or activities taken by individual or several members of the Department that may exceed far beyond what the normal person would think is necessary result in commendations.

If at any time you observe an officer/employee or a number of officers/employees performing duties or activities far above a standard that you would feel necessary, please take a few moments and write those thoughts in the form of a letter and forward them to the Chief of Police.  Recognition of Department members for outstanding work and activity is accomplished with appreciation and commendation letters.  These letters of commendation are placed in the officer's/employee's personnel file.

How to Make a Complaint

The City of Madison Police Department and its officers, employees and staff are committed to adhering to professional standards.

Any citizen with concerns or having observed or experienced questionable actions, conduct or activities by a member of this Department is asked to notify us of such behavior so it can be dealt with in an appropriate, timely and positive manner.

If you do not bring this to the attention of the Police Department at the time of occurrence, please feel free to write your comments and concerns in the form of a letter to the Chief of Police, P. O. Box 2489, Madison, MS  39130.

You may also contact us via telephone.  By notifying the police dispatcher that you wish to make a complaint, your call will be forwarded to the appropriate staff person.  If you prefer to make a complaint in person, arrangements will be made for you to meet with the appropriate staff.

All complaints against officers/employees will be brought to the attention of the Chief of Police.  The matter will be fully investigated.  You will be notified of the status of the complaint investigation and the results at conclusion normally within 30 days of your original complaint.

Internal Affairs & Citizens Complaints Statistical Summary