Crime Prevention Programs

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The Department sponsors a host of crime prevention programs which include security surveys providing individual crime vulnerability assessments and recommendations for crime safety improvements/enhancements for homes and businesses; coordination of neighborhood watch programs; the house watch program for residences, the TRIAD program for senior citizens and the "Officer Friendly" program which provides crime prevention and safety information for children and teens through school and youth group/club presentations.

For further information, or to arrange for a crime prevention meeting, presentation or survey please contact Officer Amy Divine at (601) 856-6111.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  • At your residence keep your bushes and other landscaping trimmed so it does not hinder your sight upon approach to your residence. If you own a business keep front windows clear of clutter or other items so police officers on patrol can easily see what's going on inside your store or office.
  • Get into the habit of locking your vehicles. After a while you'll find yourself locking the doors without even thinking about it. This prevents thefts of opportunity from the interior of your cars or trucks. Keep garage doors closed, even when you're home. This also helps to prevent crimes of opportunity.
  • While stopped at a traffic signal, stay far enough away from the vehicle in front of you to see its rear tires.  This affords you space to maneuver and flee the scene if someone tries to get in your vehicle.  The distance may also help you to not hit the vehicle in front of you if you are rear ended in an accident.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting around the exterior of your home. Exterior lighting kits are relatively inexpensive. This will help you to observe what is going on around your house when you arrive home. It will also provide a safer atmosphere for the walk from your vehicle to the interior of your house.