Waste Management message

Dear Madison Citizens,

     First, I want to say thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  We are all adapting our normal routines to do the right things to keep our families safe and healthy. None of us expected the changes happening so quickly around us.

     During this time, many people are working hard at their jobs, going above and beyond to provide services we all need. We appreciate their service in doing what helps keep our lives and homes running as smoothly as possible right now.

     One of those services is picking up our trash. I have received word from Waste Management, our service provider in Madison. Here is a message from Waste Management official David Holloway on what you can expect:

     “At Waste Management, we are committed to putting people first. The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities remain our highest priorities.

     “Rest assured, your regular curbside collection will continue as normally scheduled. Please set your containers out at the curb on your regular collection day and continue to recycle right.


“Due to the impact of the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and Federal and State Emergency Declarations, Waste Management is focusing its employees on the collection of household waste, which is an essential health and safety service in our community. 


“We are requesting that residents refrain or limit the amount of non-essential waste placed at the curb such as bulky and yard waste materials at this time.  Bulk collection includes items such as furniture, carpet, mattresses, and appliances.  Yard waste includes items such as grass clipping, brush, or tree limbs that do not fit safely inside your container.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


“When the Declarations of Emergency and social distancing recommendations have been eased and Waste Management’s work force returns to pre-pandemic levels, these services will resume on schedule. Waste Management will provide notice when the volumes and routes are back to normal. 

"We appreciate your understanding and thank you for trusting Waste Management as your environmental solutions partner.”  -- David Holloway


Please, understand that we are all in this together. Thank you and God bless you.

Mayor Mary