Who To Call

City Hall/Mayor's Office -- 601-856-7116

Mary Hawkins Butler, Mayor   mayor@madisonthecity.com

Janet Danks, Assistant to Mayor   jdanks@madisonthecity.com

Brucie Broockmann, Deputy Clerk/Receptionist

Police Department/Animal Control -- 601-856-6111

Gene Waldrop, Chief of Police   gwaldrop@madisonthecity.com 

Liz Hanners, Secretary   lhanners@madisonthecity.com

Fire Department -- 601-856-8894

Derrick Layton, Fire Chief   dlayton@madisonthecity.com

Public Works/Water Department -- 601-856-8958

Joe Welch, Director   jwelch@madisonthecity.com

Jim Marler, Streets & Rights of Way   jmarler@madisonthecity.com

Selena Sutterfield, Drainage   ssutterfield@madisonthecity.com

Gary Tolbert, ROW Manager  gtolbert@madisonthecity.com

Eric Giles, Street Construction   egiles@madisonthecity.com

Howard Webb, Division Manager   hwebb@madisonthecity.com

Betsey Hendricks, Water Billing Assistant   bhendricks@madisonthecity.com

Building & Permits/Code Enforcement -- 601-856-6336 permits@madisonthecity.com  code@madisonthecity.com

Ken Wilbanks, Director   kwilbanks@madisonthecity.com

Jesse Green, Senior Commercial Field Inspector   jgreen@madisonthecity.com 

Billy Dean, Residential Field Inspector  bdean@madisonthecity.com

Matthew Junkin, Code Enforcement and Compliance Officer   mjunkin@madisonthecity.com

Harvey Luby, Permit Official   hluby@madisonthecity.com

Sydney Byram, Administrative Assistant   sbyram@madisonthecity.com

Parks and Recreation -- 601-853-9109

Nathan Hanson, Director   nhanson@madisonthecity.com

Chris Neel, Assistant Director   cneel@madisonthecity.com

Brittany Mayfield, Special Events Coordinator   bmayfield@madisonthecity.com

Administration and Finance -- 601-856-7116

Office, General Delivery   adm-fin@madisonthecity.com

Susan Crandall, City Clerk/Director   scrandall@madisonthecity.com

Lisa Winstead, Chief Deputy Clerk   lwinstead@madisonthecity.com

Jackie Brown, Deputy Clerk  jbrown@madisonthecity.com

Community Development -- 601-856-7116

Kianca Stringfellow, Director   kstringfellow@madisonthecity.com

Chris Pace, Project Coordinator   cpace@madisonthecity.com 

Environment & Design -- 601-856-7116

Alan Hoops, Director   ahoops@madisonthecity.com

Business & Downtown Development -- 601-856-7116

Madison Square Center for the Arts -- 601-853-0291

Madison the City Chamber of Commerce -- 601-856-7060

Madison Library -- 601-856-2749

Webster Animal Shelter -- 601-605-4729

Waste Management (Garbage Collection) -- 601-922-9647

Madison County Tax Collector (Car Tags/Property Tax Payments) -- 601-856-4472

Madison County Tax Assessor -- 601-856-1796

Madison County Board of Supervisors -- 601-855-5500

Madison County Sheriff's Department -- 601-859-2345

Madison County Chancery Clerk -- 601-859-1177

Madison County Circuit Clerk -- 601-859-4365

Bear Creek Water Association -- 601-856-5969

Pearl River Valley Water District -- 601-856-6574

Entergy -- 1-800-368-3749

Atmos Energy -- 601-961-6900

CenterPoint Energy -- 1-800-371-5417

Comcast -- 601-982-0922

AT&T -- 1-888-286-6700

C-Spire -- 1-855-277-4735