Finance & Administration

madisonthecity finance and administration madisonthecity finance and administration madisonthecity finance and administration

The Department of Finance and Administration overseen by the City Clerk/Director of Finance & Administration is responsible for administering many operating functions of city government and conducting municipal elections. The department handles the recording and maintenance of city records, Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting actions, fiscal management functions, and general administrative functions. Specific responsibilities include:

General Administration

  • Maintenance of city documents and processing of requests for copies of official records
  • Voter registration and assisting with city elections
  • Human Resources

Financial Management

  • Financial Records
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Purchasing

Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected on real, personal, public utility property, and vehicles in the city. Property values are established by the Madison County Tax Assessor and tax collections are handled by the Madison County Tax Collector through an agreement with the City of Madison.

Privilege Tax Licenses

All businesses are required by state law to procure a license to engage in business in the City of Madison. The appropriate forms to apply for this license are available at City Hall. Home Occupation Permits are required for individuals conducting business from their residence.

Voter Registration and Elections

You may register to vote in person at either City Hall or at the county Circuit Clerk’s office for both Municipal and County/State/Federal elections. Mail-in forms may also be obtained.

Public Record Request Form (PDF)

madisonthecity ms susan crandall director of finance and admin

Susan Crandall
Director of Finance and Administration