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The Madison Station Botanic Garden at the Montgomery Estate, will feature over 7 acres of gardens on the mid nineteenth-century estate of Hugh and Faye Montgomery.

Stroll the trails, paths, and courtyards and explore the intriguing natural and cultural wonders of the Mississippi region, where persistence, ingenuity, and deep respect have bound people to the land. The gardens will offer a significant and growing collection of native and heritage plants, including over 50 species of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. Study the colors and textures of an 80-year-old American Sycamore and notice its massive root system protruding from the ground in a blanket of lush ground cover.




Sit nestled under a Live Oak with friends and enjoy the color and texture of shade-loving shrubs and ground cover.

Walk narrow stone paths and wonder at the different colors and textures of Hosta, Fern, and native grasses. Enjoy the past, wonder at the present, and learn about the future at the Madison Station Botanic Garden.




Fern Garden
4 species of native Ferns will be arranged under the shade of the existing trees highlighting their varying colors, textures, and sizes.

Hosta Garden
6 different Hosta varieties will be displayed as a foreground to indigenous shrubs and native trees highlighting their contrasting colors and textures.

Azalea Garden
Indica Azaleas will create a lush evergreen backdrop to most of the garden offering a pink-hued tapestry that will be seen from Main Street during the spring.

Oak Forest
6 native Oak varieties will provide a protective shade along the existing driveway to the estate house while creating interest with their varying colors and textures.

Dogwood and Camellia Garden
4 varieties of Dogwood trees and 5 varieties of Camellias will blend together in a bed of ferns, groundcover, and select annuals to show off their ever-changing beauty in Spring and Fall.

The Vegetable and Pollinator Gardens will be maintained year-round for teaching classes to children and adults, highlighting the importance of agriculture to the nurturing of body and soul.

A Formal Garden with a pavilion and large grassed area is planned for the rear yard of the estate house to host large gatherings including weddings.

A Large Gazebo and Rose Garden will be set in the “great lawn” for outdoor concerts, parties, weddings, and other events. It will offer great views of the gardens and Madison’s Historic District.