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To apply for a building permit for residential construction, the builder/contractor must furnish Madison the City with the following

  • Builder/contractor shall be bonded with Madison the City ($5,000 or .5%, whichever is greater)
  • Builder/contractor shall be licensed with the State of Mississippi when required by state law
  • Builder/contractor shall submit two (2) sets of plans. Building plans shall include the following;
    1. Front, rear, left, and right architectural elevations;
    2. Foundation plans and details;
    3. Plot plan showing setbacks, drainage, sidewalks, finished floor elevation, erosion/siltation control, and all proposed above-ground construction of accessory uses (fences, pools, antenna, etc.);
    4. Floor plan with door and window schedule;
    5. Electrical floor plan and electrical schedule;
    6. Rafter and joist span table;
    7. HVAC layout;
    8. Rainwater gutter detail for Zero lot line construction
  • Builder/contractor shall have plans approved by the subdivision homeowners association if required by covenants
  • Subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) must be licensed in Mississippi and shall provide Madison the City with a valid copy of their Master’s License
  • The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, heated square footage, and cost of construction (not including lot), shall be provided
  • Payment of all fees is due at the time the permit is issued.

Renovations, Additions, and Accessory Structures

A building permit must be obtained before a renovation, addition, or accessory structure begins. A permit is also required for a ready-to-install structure (such as storage shed). Please contact the Building and Permit Department for additional information.

The building and Permit Department will Perform Ten Inspections

All inspections will be done the following day of call-in (no set time). A $200.00 re-inspection fee will be charged for any inspection requested but not ready when the inspector arrives or on the second rejection. If a Stop Work Order is issued, there will be a $500.00 fee to remove it.

Building and Permits will perform ten inspections

The ten inspections are:

  1. Setback and Site Inspections: Check with the Building and Permit Department for appropriate setback requirements in your area. Erosion control measures shall be installed to protect all downhill properties before setback inspections.
  2. Rough Plumbing Inspection: Inspection of all building sewer lines before covering them with dirt.
  3. Sewer Inspection: All sewer connections to Madison the City taps require a Fernco Adaptor. No other type of connection will be allowed.
  4. Foundation inspection: occurs when the foundation is ready after rough grading of lot drainage but before pouring concrete.
  5. Gas Inspection: With air gauge installed.
  6. Framing Inspection: Done before insulation or other wall coverings are installed.
  7. Insulation Inspection: Performed before sheetrock or other wall coverings are installed.
  8. Electrical Inspection: When all circuits are terminated, trim-out hardware is installed, and the air conditioner compressor is connected.
  9. Drainage Inspection: When all yard grading is complete, and a lot is ready for sodding and/or seeding, the final grading should conform with the plot plan approved when the building permit was issued.
  10. Final Inspection: After the building, landscaping, sidewalks, fencing, etc., are complete, no one shall occupy any building until a final inspection has been performed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Such person(s) not complying may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

General Regulations

  • Madison the City shall be notified of and approve any changes made after such application for a permit or during construction before such changes may be implemented.
  • A permit must be posted in a conspicuous location on the construction site before any work commences.
  • All fees must be paid when the permit is issued.
  • All culverts in dedicated street right-of-ways shall be concrete; Madison the City shall approve the minimum size.
  • Builder/contractor is to provide containers to dispose of all trash and debris. Burning of builder’s debris is prohibited by Mississippi state law. A permit from the Madison Fire Department is required before burning natural debris.
  • Any mud or other debris brought into the street must be cleaned up immediately by the builder/contractor or owner.
  • The builder/contractor is responsible for all required clean-up. Failure to clean up may result in a fine.
  • Concrete trucks cannot carry more than eight cubic yards on city streets.
  • All construction shall comply with the adopted building, plumbing, gas, mechanical, and national electric codes.
  • As prescribed by Madison the City, erosion control measures shall be required to protect all downhill properties.
  • Builder/contractor must always control surface water run-off with silt fences, hay bales, on-site detention, etc.
  • The site must be accessible at all times for all emergency vehicles.
  • Sanitary facilities shall be provided on all construction sites pursuant to Sec. 311 of the 2006 International Plumbing Code.
  • Sidewalks shall be 48 inches wide, scored at 5-foot intervals, and have a minimum of 24 inches of grassed or landscaped area separating the sidewalk and adjacent curb.
  • The builder/contractor shall be responsible for compliance with all O.S.H.A regulation pertaining to construction.
  • Madison the City may impose other such regulations which are reasonable and necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, employees, and other persons affected.