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In Madison, we take care to ensure that any type of development in the city does not negatively affect our natural environment. Of particular interest is new development. One key tool to address environmental issues is the city’s Stormwater Management Ordinance, based on the Mississippi state model ordinance.

Floodplain management is a community program of corrective and preventative measures for mitigating flood damage. These measures take a variety of forms and generally include requirements for zoning, subdivisions or buildings, and special-purpose floodplain ordinances.

Madison the City’s floodplain management ordinances, particularly with respect to new construction, is an important element in making flood insurance available to home and business owners.

Madison is a CRS (Community Rating System) community. This rating system allows for reduced flood insurance based on criteria set forth by the National Flood Insurance Program. The city is required to keep accurate records and make information available to the public concerning flood-related issues in order to receive a rating. Madison is one of more than 20,100 communities that voluntarily adopts and enforces local floodplain management ordinances. This allows us to provide building standards that reduce flood loss for new and existing development. If a resident is asked to supply an elevation certificate for property, contact the Community Development Department at 601.856.7116. There may be one on file.

A resident’s role in floodplain management includes:

  • Know Your flood hazard – Your property could be subject to flooding, particularly if you live near a creek. Call City Hall to find out the flood risk for your property.
  • Insure your property from flood hazards – Ask your insurance agent if you are covered for flood damage.
  • Build Responsibly – Call Buildings and Permits at 601.856.6336, and get a permit before you build, add fill, or make substantial improvements to your home. Do not build or grade within 10 feet of property lines so you do not alter the drainage between homes.
  • Protect Natural Floodplain Functions – It is a violation of Madison’s Zoning Ordinance to dump trash or debris into inlets, streams, ditches, or creeks. Report violations to City Hall.


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