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Garbage Pickup Schedule

List of Recycle Items

Water System

  • Madison provides water services to approximately 4,700 homes and businesses.  The water is drawn from deep wells just like many bottled water companies.  In fact, our water can be classified as "natural artesian spring water." 

Sewer System

  • Sewer service is provided to approximately 10,000 residences and businesses.  The City of Madison belongs to two regional treatment systems, the Metro System with the City of Ridgeland & Jackson and the Madison County Waste Water Authority. The use of these two systems accounts for the two sewer charges that appear on your water/sewer bill.  The city charge helps pay for operation, maintenance and debt service of the city’s collection system, while the Metro Sewer charge helps to cover costs of operation, maintenance and debt service for the regional interceptor lines and treatment system. 

Street Department

This department maintains all public right-of-way inside the city limits, with the exception of Highway 51, Interstate 55, and Highway 463.  It is also charged with maintaining dedicated drainage easements, which includes creeks, ditches, culverts, curbs and inlets.  Maintenance of street signs and traffic signals also fall under this division.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping litter picked up.  There are several ways that citizens can help.  Please don’t litter.  Remember YOUR tax dollars are used to clean up litter.  Call the Madison Police Department at (601) 856-6111 to report littering.  Give a location, description of the person and/or vehicle, and a direction of travel. This includes any trucks or trailers that spill their loads. 

If you have any questions about the many services provided by the Public Works Department, please call (601) 856-8958.  Use this same number to report any after-hours emergency.  Someone is on call 24 hours a day.

Fire Safety

Building Permit

Building Codes